Quarter Life “Crisis”

Dream, dream, dream…
Kids we once were and undeniably ambitious of where we want to go, what we want to do, or who we want to be in the yet unborn years to come, the unknown pages of what we call the future . The environment we live in and our interests do play a huge factor in influencing what we call our own little dreams. While others dream of being a president impelled  to lead their country, a soldier vowed to serve and protect their nation, a doctor sworn to help save and preserve what is inviolable, life as others may call it, there are those who just dream of having a family of their own with nothing but pure happiness and simplicity. Although it may differ from one person to the other, still, everyone of us do hold that one special dream that may just remain as it is, or may come to be realized as we take little yet successive steps that makes us move forward.

The first battlefield

School. It’s all part of the modern day human life cycle. By the time you reach the age of six, you are now set for your fifteen or more years long mission that is aimed to equipping you with all the necessary weapons you will be needing for combat. Though it may be intimidating, being in school is not really as bad as you think. Even though you tend to get stressed from being compelled to memorize all those knowledge that our great ancestors have discovered, invented, or established, there is no doubt that every bit of information can still be helpful at times when you get older. It’s all part of the challenge after all.

On the brighter side, it’s at school where you meet new friends and of course, enemies. It’s inevitable no matter how good you treat others. But thanks to them, you learn to strategize, to devise countless ways on putting them down with a style. Ain’t that fun? Being in school is just like being in a jungle. You have to choose. Either be the prey, or be the one to prey on others. It’s a natural law for survival.

As we stay longer in school, we get more curious as the days, weeks, months, and years go by. We all get fed up with nothing but theories, theories, and more theories that there will come a time when we will start asking ourselves, “How is it in reality?” They say smoking cigarettes and drinking liquor is bad to your health yet you are so inquisitive that it makes you think what it feels like then seek for others who share the same idea and boom, there you are already doing it from time to time.

Yet the most thrilling part of this battlefield called school is this thing characterized of being genuinely good in camouflaging itself, attacking you in the most unexpected times, and all you can do is fall for its charm. First love, love, and more love. Yes, you are reading it correctly. Where’s the fun in going to school without having a crush you secretly stalk on or that other half you blindly believe to be the one you’ll spend eternity with.

As exciting as it may be, love is a double edged sword. While it rectifies your energy levels to its maximum and making you believe that fantasies can become reality, it has the possibility of draining down the fountain of youth stored in you. While your first kiss may make you feel butterflies in your stomach, a heartbreak on its first can be so chaotic making you feel like the world has come to its doom.

This is the first battlefield. There are a lot of ordeals that such a young and kindred spirit has to go through. Academic pressure is very tough and it can make or break you. Others stop after their elementary or high school graduation while some may stop while trying to pursue a bachelor’s degree. On the contrary, having vices and getting all addicted to cigarettes and liquor makes some feel like they are the cool kids. It’s funny to think but I bet some went through this stage. Nonetheless, the aftermath of love at such a young heart can also be unfortunate. Temptations skyrocket and let’s be frank, others have to stop because they got a little too touchy with each other that nine months after, they have a new family member with them that they have to give their time to. And it’s not that bad as it is. Things may have just come a little too early for them.   And these are just some of those that compromises one’s mission as they set foot on this battlefield.

The war zone

Luckily, others are able to finish college and they are now a step closer to reaching their dreams. But, that doesn’t exempt those whose fate was not that good for what we call the war zone. After receiving all the merits and taking the spotlight for a day, being recognized for passing the board exam, we now have to move forward. The objective of this mission is quite simple. Make a living for yourself. Earn as much as you could and survive. Simple, isn’t it? Or not.

For those who weren’t lucky enough to finish their schooling, it may get a little tough. They have to exert extra effort just so they can cope up with the daily expenses and basic demands of life. They have to be good enough in managing where they spend their time to make the most out of it. It may seem depressing at first to realize how life can become like that for some but that is the ordeal that they are now faced with, to either go for acceptance or believe that they can still make a difference. And the key to it would be hard work and determination.

On the other side, being a college graduate does not give you an express ticket to a well paying job always. In some cases or should I say most of the time, you have to be good enough to sell yourself to the market. You have to convince employers in the belief that out of a thousand strawberries, you are that one perfectly ripe fruit not too sour but sweet enough that will make a good ingredient for the products which they offer. Countless times, doors will close and rejection will be the only thing that will stick to your mind. Believe me when I say it’s frustrating. But don’t let it bite you.

Things happen for a reason and the last thing you can hold on to is the line that goes “Patience is a virtue.” Eventually, things come when you least expect them. It may sound like a cliche but it really does. However, you must remember.  Prayers won’t work if you are not going to do your part. Cut out procrastination and all other things that hinders you from being productive. It will not go to waste because once it comes, the feeling of fulfillment after signing that contract with a company is definitely one worth savoring.

Oblivion, is it?

Yes. You were able to graduate and now you already got a job. It pays you well enough to pay your bills, your food, and perhaps your leisure time activities and still have some savings of your own. You can call yourself now an independent, grown up person. But suddenly it hits you. Dreams. You remember them. Are you really living up to your dreams? Yesterday, you were just nine years old and in a blink of an eye you are already twenty five years old. You get bothered in an instant as you are reminded by this fact.

As you go home for vacation, you get to see your parents and realize how easily they get tired while you are taking a walk. It is barely easy to notice that they are already trying to catch up to their breath even if you just took a few steps. You decide to hang out with your childhood friends but seventy five percent of them declines your offer. And their reason? “Sorry but no one is going to look after the kids”, “I am currently at work”, or “I don’t live there anymore.” So you are now left with the remaining twenty five percent. You meet. You greet. Then you will realize how their faces have changed. You plan on knocking down a few bottles just like the old times but then after one, just one bottle, they decide to go home as well because their wives and husbands might be looking for them, or that others have a work the following day. It is a very much uncomfortable feeling but somehow things aren’t like they were before.

As you resume your work, it made you think of all your other acquaintances. You decide to check their profile online and you get to see. Some got their dream job and even got promoted, some are already out of the country in search for greener pastures, and some living out their dreams exploring nature and crossing out their bucket lists. On some days, you start receiving invitations for their wedding day, baptism of their kids, or house blessing.

All these things start to occupy your mind and it will now come to that point where you will start questioning whether all those things you have been doing in the past few years were totally wrong. You start to wonder what is really your dream, what is your purpose in life, or what do you really want to achieve. You feel lost. You feel alone. You are confused. You don’t know what to do. You cant’t seem to figure things out yet. But guess what? This is all part of the quarter life crisis and whatever you are doing in this moment, you are definitely doing it right!


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