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A letter to my first

Having said all those, you might be wondering why I am telling you that you are my first. Well, hear this out. You are the first person I will love after experiencing these relationships, relationships that involves the love that a family can offer which has made me realize that love never ceases no matter the distance, the love from God which has taught me that even if no words are spoken such actions speak of it, the love you can have from a friend which has made me learn to let go and just trust in others, the love from a better half or so I thought which has taught me that acceptance and forgiveness is essential in moving on, and finally the love that I could give myself which has let me know that I am already complete even before I dive into any relationship.



To my left I saw a newspaper left perhaps by some rushing traveler. It was still early and I got nothing to do except wait so I then slowly extended my hands on the newspaper, scanning over the crowd if either one remembers to go back for it. As my hand got a grip of it, I then quickly opened it on the most convenient page I could do so. As I started to read the columns, one section caught my eye. Horoscopes! I always love the idea of reading it and debunking every statement written as such instances can almost happen to everyone. Or am I wrong?