Mt. Ugo: Day Hike Challenge

Doing a day hike is normal. But doing a major climb as a day hike involving a 32 kilometer trail with several assaults is definitely insane! Though it was fun. It was a test of endurance. It is a leisure itself that leaves you with no option but to finish what you started, to take into responsibility every action that you make. This is mountaineering. It is extremely dangerous yet it’s all worth it in the end.


Quarter Life “Crisis”

As you go home for vacation, you get to see your parents and realize how easily they get tired while you are taking a walk. It is barely easy to notice that they are already trying to catch up to their breath even if you just took a few steps. You decide to hang out with your childhood friends but seventy five percent of them declines your offer. And their reason? “Sorry but no one is going to look after the kids”, “I am currently at work”, or “I don’t live there anymore.” So you are now left with the remaining twenty five percent. You meet. You greet. Then you will realize how their faces have changed. You plan on knocking down a few bottles just like the old times but then after one, just one bottle, they decide to go home as well because their wives and husbands might be looking for them, or that others have a work the following day. It is a very much uncomfortable feeling but somehow things aren’t like they were before.


To my left I saw a newspaper left perhaps by some rushing traveler. It was still early and I got nothing to do except wait so I then slowly extended my hands on the newspaper, scanning over the crowd if either one remembers to go back for it. As my hand got a grip of it, I then quickly opened it on the most convenient page I could do so. As I started to read the columns, one section caught my eye. Horoscopes! I always love the idea of reading it and debunking every statement written as such instances can almost happen to everyone. Or am I wrong?