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#abramazing Journey

Belonging to the Cordillera Administrative Region, Abra is a landlocked province approximately 270 miles away from Manila. In the past, Abra was marked with a stigma of being an unsafe place that has left many people to stay away, for reasons such as politics-related violence and the presence of insurgents within the area. Still, at present, this is somehow true. I myself have felt fear the moment I first arrived there two years ago as I saw a lot of soldiers marching down the road like as if there is a battlefield nearby. However, recent efforts of the local government to promote tourism can be seen as a pivotal point, with the influx of tourists as an evident sign that despite its lamentable history is a place worth going to.


Mt. Poswey, Abra: First Organized Exploratory Climb

As we have underestimated this exploratory climb, what we had left were just pieces of loaf bread and one can of tuna for our second day. It was heartbreaking! But that wasn’t just the sad part. As we were done eating, the sweeper group came in with a bad news. One of the members experienced severe pain along his lower back making it questionable whether he could still push through. Fortunately, there were some of our companions in the group who are skilled enough to handle the situation and attend to his pain. As it subsided, he was then carried by the guides using a hammock tied up to two running bamboos. With what has just transpired, we got delayed by another 2.5 hours more or less.