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A Sojourn in South Africa II: Table Mountain

Table Mountain is a flat-topped mountain which forms parts of the Table Mountain National Park. It was one of the voted and officially named New 7 Wonders of Nature last November 2011. It has an elevation of 1087 meters above sea level and you can reach the top in two ways. If you are an adventure enthusiast who loves to hike, then you can choose one from four major trails. However, if you are not a fan of hiking or time is of the essence and you just want to see what’s on top, then you can go for the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway.


A Sojourn in South Africa I: Arrival

So here comes D-Day. Our flight was scheduled for February 3 at around half past six in the evening. What was I feeling that time? I really don’t know, nervous and excited perhaps. Being used to traveling far away from home, going outside the country felt just like taking another ordinary trip. There were no emotions at all that would make me think twice about going. What has only made me worry was the twenty long hour trip. Thoughts about planes crashing and going missing just went through my mind. Guess I watch too many movies :p.