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#abramazing Journey

Belonging to the Cordillera Administrative Region, Abra is a landlocked province approximately 270 miles away from Manila. In the past, Abra was marked with a stigma of being an unsafe place that has left many people to stay away, for reasons such as politics-related violence and the presence of insurgents within the area. Still, at present, this is somehow true. I myself have felt fear the moment I first arrived there two years ago as I saw a lot of soldiers marching down the road like as if there is a battlefield nearby. However, recent efforts of the local government to promote tourism can be seen as a pivotal point, with the influx of tourists as an evident sign that despite its lamentable history is a place worth going to.


Hidden Treasures of the North: Payangapang Falls

Following the path before me, I have passed by several junctures that are of vein like structure either leading me to a dead-end or another path. It was in there that I’ve had several thoughts like “What am I actually doing here?”, “Should I still go on?”, “Can I really do this?” and the like. But I was already there I thought. It would be of such waste if I would back out now. So I opened my Compass app again in my phone and see where the falls is located. I continued scouring the wilderness until I found a well made path. I followed it and there was already this feeling in me that I am heading towards the right direction. The path was continuous and no diversions along the way. I continued walking and I can see that I am at a higher elevation meaning I went pass the base of the mountain already.